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Joint Rapid Architecture and Engineering
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What is JRAE 05?                                        JRAE 05 Quick Look Report

JRAE is intended to facilitate Joint DoD Force Transformation by providing the Services a venue for testing and experimenting with their Next Generation Architectures and Service Roadmaps.  JRAE's focus is on experimenting with near term, end-to-end material solutions that the Services' plan to field in the next one to four years and ensuring the end-to-end architectures are interoperable.  JRAE provides a forum for the services to work jointly and collaboratively to actively engage in transformational experiments and/or architecture prototyping.  JRAE builds upon the work of the JFCOM sponsored Cross Service Architecture Integration Working Group and the Service Architecture products through engineering experiments coupled with rigorous assessments (both Joint and Service).  The outcome is a set of Engineering Decisions.  JRAE supports the Joint Battle Management Command and Control (JBMC2) process by providing a vehicle for examination of key interoperability issues.

FY05 Goals

FY05 goals for JRAE will focus on leveraging existing work in the Target List Management area that explores the technical interoperability problems associated with a Service Oriented Architecture approach and Publish/Subscribe techniques.  In particular, FY05 efforts will center on the following:

  Validate and assess recommended migration architecture of the dynamic target list management capability in a Service Oriented Architecture.

  Assess the operational efficiencies to be gained from an incremental approach (interim architecture) using existing systems in a Service Oriented Approach.

FY04 Accomplishments

  04-1 Joint Distributed Services

Examined inter-service use of distributed services to reduce the timeline to detect, decide, plan and act over a joint IP based network.

  04-2 Joint Tactical Situational Awareness

Focused on improving the Joint Tactical Shared Situational Awareness of Blue Force Tracking and the Joint Call For Fires process.

  04-4 GIG Transformation Experiment

Examined Inter-Service data exchange issues while transitioning to an initial Joint GIG Architecture.

  04-5 Time Sensitive Targeting Interservice Interoperability

Fostered the development of the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS), established Joint TST/PE System Description and evolved the CONOPS for a Distributed Virtual TST/PE Cell.


This material is courtesy of:

Delores Washburn, SPAWAR 056-1
SPAWAR Systems Command, Code 056-1
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